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Introduction to the project:  

A tobacco manufacturer needs to fill its own liquid products. Because the product has different flavors. So seasoning is required during filling. That is, after filling the base liquid, then fill a small dose of flavor.  

Custom equipment: CZP-6 filling machine

Application: Liquid filling  


1. Filling at the same time to complete the mixing of different flavors.  

2. Volume filling, linear synchronous screw cover, filling screw cover one complete.  

3. Filling range up to 250ml-1000ml.  


In the filling process, the pre-filled liquid is usually mixed, but this time the customer's product needs to be mixed and flavored after filling, which requires high filling accuracy. CL-PACK designed multiple filling heads for synchronous blanking, and strictly controlled the blanking precision to ensure the quality of customers' products.The filling machine is also equipped with automatic bottle sorting and capping device, which significantly saves the customer's labor cost and improves the production efficiency. CL-PACK has been specialized in the field of automatic back-end packing and is committed to providing better services for customers.

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