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Auto Labeling and Weighing inspection line  


Introduction to the project:  

A fruit company needs to label and weigh out the pet plastic packaging boxes. When the fruit production is submitted for delivery, once the weight of substandard products is detected, the whole batch of products will be affected. Therefore, not only the production efficiency but also the accuracy error should be guaranteed when the equipment is labeled and weighed.

Custom equipment: TBJ-100P

                                    Weighing Inspection Machine   

Application: Fruit packing box labeling and weighing inspection  


1. The scope of application: flat surfaces of boxes, boxes, bags, bottles, etc;  

2. Labeling speed up to 40 pieces per minute, labeling effect more beautiful.  

3. It can automatically detect the weight and eliminate the products whose weight is not up to the standard


CL-PACK for customers door-to-door installation and debugging, to ensure that the machine to meet the production needs of enterprises. In the actual production process, the demand for labeling is diversified. CL-PACK according to the customer's production requirements customized program, design equipment, full track cooperation, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the whole line.

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