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Welcome to CL-PACK specialized in auto packing machine in Shanghai, China! The company is committed to the manufacture and innovation of back-end automation, case erecting, packing, sealing, palletizing, labeling and other products

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Project Description:

A packaging line for a hot-selling product in a food factory. Workers arrange the products at different workstations. The product is sent to each station by the conveyor line, and after the product is installed, the box is conveyed and sealed by the conveyor line and coded.

Material: SUS304 stainless steel + carbon steel paint

Application: carton packaging line


1. Super long storage tank saves time and effort.

2. Solid materials, firm structure and durable.

3. Brand electrical components, stable performance.


The customer's product is mainly for sale, and there are several assembly lines in the factory.During the design process of Cl-Pack, it is necessary to reasonably allocate work stations and cross and parallel multiple production lines.Due to the large number of production lines, different production line efficiency does not match, in the production deployment has great difficulty.Through the joint efforts with customers, the final realization of multi-station, multi-direction efficient production.

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