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Project Description:

The disposable lunch box products produced by an environmentally friendly material company need to pack the products in carton boxes in a 2*3 arrangement. During the packing process, the lunch box group need to be buckled to other lunch box group.

Customized equipment: ZXJ-02 lunch box packing machine

Application: Disposable lunch box carton packaging



1. Utilize product characteristics to customize the packing method, which has high packing efficiency and saves customers' costs.

2. Use simple structure to realize the steps of carton packaging, the equipment performance is stable and easy to use.

3. Automatic packaging, saving labor costs.


The special shape of the lunchbox makes it difficult to automate the packing mechanically.

The client consulted a number of companies, and the collected scheme had problems such as high cost, complex design structure and high maintenance cost.

Cl-pack successfully solves the customer's difficulties by simplifying the mechanical structure, designing the packing scheme according to the characteristics of the products, reducing the maintenance cost of the equipment in the later stage, and optimizing the operation process.

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