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Introduction to the project:  

A plastic products manufacturer, its own a variety of plastic products, such as cups, lunch boxes, ornaments and so on, the product is relatively light, there are a variety of irregular shapes, the need to use film plastic seal.  

Custom equipment: FQ-5540T-CS-5030LS  

Application: Shrink wrap packing variety of specifications of product


1. special-made dense connection device to ensure the stable transport of light goods.  

2. First-line brand electrical components, durable, high efficiency.  

3. Imported brand photoelectric detection, precise action, stable performance.


Thermal shrinkage packaging is very common in the packaging industry, this time the customer's product is Winnie the Pooh.The special shape of the product, it is easy to appear in the shrinkage of the phenomenon of film rupture.Cl-pack recommended shrink film with high tensile strength to customers, and repeatedly adjusted and tested the heating and cooling system of the machine to ensure the actual production application of customers.

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