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PLC Continuous Vertical Air Exhaust Pumping Sealing Machine FRK-1620LQS/C

PLC Continuous Vertical Air Exhaust Pumping Sealing Machine FRK-1620LQS/C

Touch Panel Computer Controlled Continuous Sealing Machine

FRK-1620LQS/C touch version computer controlled continuous sealing machine, using a touch screen integrated machine control. Including bag sealing, output counting, running time, air extraction, inflation, and printing functions (optional); suitable for sealing and making plastic films Bags are widely used in food, medicine, chemical, daily use, seed and other industries. It is suitable for batch packaging and sealing equipment in factories and shops.
This machine adopts electronic constant temperature control mechanism and stepless speed regulation transmission mechanism. It can seal various plastic film bags of different materials. It can be used in conjunction with various packaging lines. The sealing length is not limited; it has a high continuous sealing effect. The sealing quality is reliable, the structure is reasonable, and the operation is convenient.

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Main Features
Function Details
  • Pure copper heating block, heat dissipation block, double-group heat sealing, double-group heat dissipation, fast and uniform heat conduction, smooth and beautiful sealing, improve packaging grade and increase product added value. High-speed heat-sealing: high-purity PE bags, four-layer structure M-fold bags, multi-layer bags, kraft paper bags, thick packaging bags.

  • U.S. imported brand guide belt, Japanese imported Teflon seamless joint sealing belt, durability is more than five times that of ordinary consumables. The electrical components adopt first-line well-known brands, which are durable and stable. Industrial-grade equipment manufacturing standards to meet 7D*24H high-intensity use.

  • PLC touch screen control equipment, production time and count. The interface is simple and clear, and the operation is convenient. When turning off the machine, click the "Delayed Shutdown" function, and the device will intelligently shut down according to the preset steps. In order to minimize the consumption of consumables. Save equipment maintenance costs and labor time costs.

  • This equipment can evacuate or inflate the packaging before sealing the bag. Special equipment protection devices are installed to reduce working noise and prolong equipment life. The product that has been vacuum-packed saves packaging space and prolongs the shelf life of the product.


Heat sealing electric heating power300W X 4Double heating
Drive motor power60W22050HZ
Sealing speed     
Seal width        
17mm; (Other widths can be customized)
Sealing tape width  
20mm; (Other widths can be customized)
The sealing lines   
Overlapping curve
Sealing temperature adjustable range0-300℃(Two sets of independent control of heating
Bags height range60-640mm Adjustable
Height of conveyor to ground:600-900mm Adjustable
Machine frame              
SUS 304

Conveyor width    

250mm   L X W
Equipment dimensions1530mm X 600mm X 1450mm  (L x W x H)
NW: 125KG       GW: 145 KG



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