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Solid Ink Coding Continuous Band Sealer FRM-980

Solid Ink Coding Continuous Band Sealer FRM-980

Solid Ink Coding Continuous Band Sealer

FRM-980 series ink coding continuous sealer can be applied to all the sealing materials. It has adjustable stepless speed, Constant temperature controlling and adjustable temperature, running sealing function and solid ink printing colored labels at the meantime. The character is clear, colorize, printing and drying instantly, strong adhesion, with a suitable R-type or T- type arrangement of dual-use printing wheel, can be printed R type 2 line 4 words (PT18) or three lines on the 5th word (PT10.5). FRM-980 series has a variety of models are available.

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Main Features
Function Details
  • FRM-980细节1 机身

    Name: Machine parts
    Brand: CL-PACK
    Original: China

    We offer customized service that machine frame can be  carbon steel, SUS 201, SUS 304. Also machine parts can be customized.

  • FRM-980细节2 插头

    Name: Plug
    Brand: China
    Original: China

    We offer plug and customized voltage as customer need.

  • FRM-980细节3 线路板

    Name: Circuit board
    Brand: CL-PACK  
    Original: China

    Shanghai Chuangling Packaging Machine Manufacturing CO.,LTD focus on back-end packing solution over 20 years, we offer durable machine with heavy duty work.

  • FRM-980细节4 字粒

    Name: Letter
    Brand: CL-PACK
    Original: China

    We offer a set free letter made by fine copper which is durable, print clear. Also we can offer letters as customer need.


ModelFRM-980I (Horizontal)FRM-980II (Vertical)FRM-980III (Floor)
VoltageAC 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz
Motor power50W
Sealing power300W*2
Sealing Speed0-12m/min
Sealing width8mm,10mm
Temperature range0-300.C
Printing TypeSolid ink
Sealing Center to conveyor10-40mm200-320mm10-40mm
Film thickness≤0.08mm
Conveyor Size930X150(mm)
Max. load of single piece≤1kg
Overall loading weight≤3kg



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