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Full Automatic Vertical Carton Erector Machine KXJ-6040L/Z

Full Automatic Vertical Carton Erector Machine KXJ-6040L/Z

Full Automatic Vertical Carton Forming Machine

The action of carton forming machine is collecting box, forming, folding lids, sealing bottom of the carton. First, place the flat carton on the material storage tank and suck the carton out of the material tank through the suction cup. Forming the carton into shape while drawing out. Then fold the front lid and the back lid. Finally sealing the bottom of the carton. The whole action is automatic and controlled by P.L.C + touch screen. It is equipped with the safety device of warning the shortage of materials in advance and stopping automatically without materials. Greatly convenient to operate, manage, reduce production person and labor intensity, and it is the necessary equipment of automatic scale production.

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Main Features

1. Fully automatic vertical carton forming machine, automatically adjust and forming according to different sizes of cartons.

2. The machine adopts full servo + touch screen control,user-friendly operation.

3. Professional and precise design, the whole machine adopts CAM continuous system, the machine runs accurately and stably.

4. Break through the design of traditional tape sticking device, seal the carton tightly closed, and smooth the tape with good effect, never skip the belt (or use hot melt adhesive type) forming and sealing the carton with stepless speed change control, can adjust the speed arbitrarily, saving time, carton storage adopts horizontal design, can be replenished at any time.

Function Details
  • KXJ-6040LZ细节1 吸盘

    Name: Vacuum generator
    Brand: SMC
    Original: Japan

    SMC products are well known for their wide range of products, high reliability, economical and durable, and can meet the needs of different users in many fields.

  • KXJ-6040LZ细节2 报警灯

    Name: Inductor light
    Brand: SCHNEIDER
    Original: France

    Schneider Electric is one of the industrial pioneers of France. The world's top 500 companies and the world's top electric companies.

  • KXJ-6040LZ细节3 光电

    Name: photoelectricity
    Brand: LEUZE
    Original: Germany

    A full range of photoelectric sensors with a wide range of functions can basically solve all "detection problems".

  • KXJ-6040LZ细节4 PLC

    Name: PLC
    Brand: SIEMENS  
    Original: Germany

    The world's top 500 companies, and the world's leading companies in the field of electrical and electronic engineering.


Model KXJ-6040L/Z
Table Height690mm
Sealing Speed8-12case/min 8-12
Applicable TapeWidth 486075mm*1000 yard
Applicable Air Source67KG
Applicable Carton Size(200600)*(150400)*(100400)mm
WeightNet Weight 400KG



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