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Horizontal Automatic High-speed Case Erector KXJ-W30

Horizontal Automatic High-speed Case Erector KXJ-W30

Horizontal Automatic High-speed Case Erector

High-speed case erecting machine based on years of actual combat experience, the cam drive system and connecting rod are combined to control the entire machine action. The mechanical action is fast, accurate and stable. It is one of the stable high-speed carton forming machines on the market. The machine is small in size, easy to operate and easy to adjust. This type of unpacking machine is widely used in mass production of packaging, printing, color boxes, greeting cards, photo albums, photo frames, medicine, electronics, daily chemicals, cosmetics, auto parts, hardware, food and other mass production industries.

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Main Features

1. Cost-effective accessories: use durable, cost-effective parts, electrical components and pneumatic components.

2. Automatic warning: automatic warning reminds to replenish the carton; add a transparent plexiglass protective cover, open the door and stop automatically, to avoid operation accidents.

3. Save man-hours. The whole machine adopts the cam continuous system, the mechanical operation is accurate, stable and durable; the forming and sealing adopt stepless speed control, and the speed can be adjusted at will.

4. Can be matched with the assembly line. This unpacking machine can be operated as a stand-alone machine, or it can be used with an automated packaging assembly line.

5. PLC+ man-machine interface.

6. Cylinder control.
7. Wear-resistant conveyor belt.

8. Photoelectric sensor.

9. Vertical unpacking.

10. Rapid prototyping, saving time and effort.

Function Details
  • KXJ-30细节1 PLC

    Name: PLC
    Brand: SIEMENS  
    Original: Germany

    The world's top 500 companies, and the world's leading companies in the field of electrical and electronic engineering.

  • KXJ-30细节2 光电

    Name: Photoelectricity
    Brand: LEUZE
    Original: Germany

    A full range of photoelectric sensors with a wide range of functions can basically solve all "detection problems".

  • KXJ-30细节3 电机

    Name: Motor
    Brand: SEW
    Original: Germany

    Its production technology and market share are both world leaders, and it is world-famous in the field of international power transmission. It is known as "the pioneer in the world of transmission".

  • KXJ-30细节4 空气开关

    Name: Air switch
    Brand: SCHNEIDER
    Original: France

    Schneider Electric is one of the industrial pioneers of France. The world's top 500 companies and the world's top electric companies.


Carton size rangeL: 240-510mm×W: 190-400mm×H: 120-400mm
Speed30 box/min
Voltage380V 3ф
Air pressure5kg/cm2
Tape size48mm 2"2.5"
Machine sizeL2372mm W1210mm H1820mm
Air consumption300NL/min
Carton storage quantity80pcs(1000mm)

Configuration table

Touch screenMCGS 
Pneumatic ComponentsAirTAC 



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