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Project Description:

An air conditioner manufacturer has multiple specifications of air conditioners to be packaged. The length of the carton is more than 1 meter, and it needs to meet the specifications of the one-key automatic adjustment of the carton holder, saving adjustment time and ensuring adjustment accuracy.

Customized equipment: KXJ-1350LZ automatic box opening machine

Application: Prefabricated carton forming


1. The carton holder can be adjusted by one button according to the touch screen setting, and can store 32 preset carton specifications.

2. The carton forming speed can reach 7-8 boxes per minute.

3. Controlled by 6 servo motors, precise action and stable performance.


In the market, it is rare to find carton/box/case erector with a specification of more than 1 meter. On the premise of large carton size, it is difficult to ensure the accuracy and speed of unpacking. Cl-PACK integrates previous unpacking cases, optimizes the unpacking structure, uses PLC system to control the entire unpacking process.

In the field of automatic back-end packing, Cl-PACK has 20 years of industry experience with mature technology and stable equipment. Customize excellent machinery for customers from cost, production, maintenance and operation aspects.

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