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Automatic Tape Sealing Machine FXJ-1616

Automatic Tape Sealing Machine FXJ-1616

Automatic Tape Sealing Machine

This machine is product of automatic tape sealing machine series, economy and high-efficient. It`s a ideal box sealing equipment.
Tape sealing machine is mainly used for carton sealing packaging, not only for stand-alone operation, but also can be support equipment for production line, widely used in household appliances, textile, food, general merchandise, medicine, chemical, and other industries.

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Main Features
Function Details
  • FXJ-1616细节1 PLC

    Name: PLC
    Brand: OMRON
    Original: Japan

    The world's leading manufacturer of automation control and electronic equipment, the world's leading sensor and control core technology.

  • FXJ-1616细节2 电机

    Name: Motor
    Brand: V.T.V
    Original: China

    Beijing Weite Micro Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a city-oriented enterprise specializing in the production of precision gear reduction and speed control motors. And in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality system operation.

  • FXJ-1616细节3 继电器

    Name: Protective relay
    Brand: SCHNEIDER
    Original: France

    Schneider Electric is one of the industrial pioneers of France. The world's top 500 companies and the world's top electric companies.

  • FXJ-1616细节4 气缸

    Name: Air Cylinder  
    Brand: FESTO  
    Original: Germany

    FESTO is the first manufacturer of pneumatic components in the world to be ISO 9001 certified. The world leader in pneumatic automation.


Voltage220V/380V 50/60Hz
Seal speed0-20m/min
Tape size W*LW486072mm×L1000 yard
Carton width150mm~400mm
Carton height120mm~600mm
Carton length150mm~+mm
Table height580mm~780mm
Dimension L*W*H2050mm*880mm*1500mm



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