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Dual-purpose box cartoning machine ZXJ-20

Dual-purpose box cartoning machine ZXJ-20

Box carton packer

Right-angle coordinate robot, also known as double-axis robot, industrial robot arm, etc., is based on the XY right-angle coordinate system mathematical model, servo motor-driven dual-axis robot arm as the base unit of work, synchronous belt, gear teeth for the commonly used transmission methods of the structure of the robot system. Can be applied to packing, palletizing, sorting, help transportation, loading and unloading and other common industrial production areas, than the model to reduce the product's bad rate, ensure the safety of operators, reduce labor, precise control of production, reduce waste. This model moves more smoothly and wear-resistant for a long service life. This equipment can be replaced with different types of packing grips according to packaging requirements. The replacement procedure is simple and the operation is fast. One machine has multiple functions, which is convenient for enterprises to rationally plan and arrange output according to different production needs.

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Main Features

1. According to the product custom different sucker grip

2. It can be used in common industrial production fields such as packing, palletizing, sorting, transporting, loading and unloading

3. The whole packaging line can be customized

Function Details
  • PLC touch screen control. The control interface is intuitive, the logic is clear, and the operation is simple. The whole machine is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, which is durable. The equipment has a stable structure, stable operation and low working noise.

  • German SICK sensors are widely used in the field of automation, and their excellent quality and stable performance are widely praised in the industry. SICK's factory automation, industrial safety systems and automated ident+-ification products provide manufacturing process control and quality assurance for automation systems.

  • The servo motor controls the transmission and has strong anti-overload ability. It is especially suitable for occasions with instantaneous load fluctuations and fast starting requirements; the dynamic response time of motor acceleration and deceleration is short, high efficiency and stable performance.

  • ZXP-10细节4 吸盘

    Consumables such as suction cups and belts all use imported materials, which are more durable and save later maintenance costs; According to the actual situation of the product, repeated trials are performed to select the structure and components that are most suitable for the actual product. Multiple guarantees of equipment stability.


2Packing productBoxed products
5Air pressure0.6kpa
6Preset grab mode10 box/time & 12 box/time



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