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Intelligent Thermal Transfer Code Printing Machine CLS Series

Intelligent Thermal Transfer Code Printing Machine CLS Series

Intelligent Thermal Transfer Code Printing Machine

Lightweight and practical packaging ribbon thermal transfer intelligent coding machine
Completely calculate variable data, high resolution images, logos, and graphs with perfect
reliability and efficiency Shapes and messages are automatically printed on soft material
bags and labels in a high-speed, high-volume manner.

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Main Features

1. With computer high technology analysis method designed, and proved by real machine that is most stable machine in industry's, gain the deeply trusted by customers, completely solve for a long time problems in industry caused by the ribbon related outage.

2. Large touch screen, humanized operation interface, convenience for operating personnel, don't have to worry about learning difficulties, or frequent operation error problem, avoid the risk of human error.

3. The design of Lean and elastic change, in line with the customers all kinds of product current and future demand with transformation in different line.

4. To achieve the ideal of reducing operating costs to a minimum, make customer investment to the maximum effect, reduce downtime.

Function Details
  • CLS细节1 low

    Low cost

    The design of the CLS series specifically considers how to reduce user costs. The system's two-way ribbon drive The motor can drive the ribbon feed shaft and the reel at the same time; ensure that the unused ribbon is always at Optimal tensioning, ensuring that every two columns are guaranteed during the printing the entire roll of ribbon There is only a 0.5mm ribbon gap between the printed content, which allows each ribbon to print more marks, thus Maximize the use of ribbons. The CLS series also offers ribbon saving print mode, 1 inch machine The conti-  nuous print mode reduces the running cost of the ribbon by half.

  • CLS细节2 Superior

    Superior performance and stability

    CLS series thermal transfer intelligent heat transfer machine (TTO) can print high precision on flexible packaging Degree of text, while the machine downtime and transport caused by ribbon breakage and production changes Line costs are kept to a minimum. Similarly, the CLS series can also be packaged and labeled in soft materials. Or a smooth card surface to print a variety of instant messages, such as: date, time, item number, Ingredients, logos, variable ones, two-dimensional barcodes, and promotional messages, print efficiency and yield.

  • CLS细节3 High

    High quality thermal transfer printing quality

    The CLS series prints high quality on a variety of packaging surfaces, labels and other materials. image. It can print a variety of real-time data online, such as warranty date, time, batch Times, ingredient list, barcode and logo, the print effect is clean and clear. The heat transfer machine is very Suitable for snacks, bread snacks, confectionery, frozen and chilled food, bagged fresh vege-    tables Vegetables and dried fruits, meat, coffee, hardware and pharmaceutical industries.

  • CLS细节4 easy

    Easy to learn and operate

    Intuitive graphical user interface with Chinese interface and touch screen design for beginners Very easy to use, iconic button control and WYSIWYG graphics Shows can reduce download and input errors. The system uses password prot-ection to increase Security. The CLS series offers an online diagnostic mode that can be quickly and easily Identify and troubleshoot, reducing downtime and reducing the need for repetitive training begging.


400 series continuous type specification

ModelCLS-410L continuous typeCLS-420L continuous typeCLS-430L continuous type
Dimension (L×W×H)124×60×187mm124×82×187mm144×112×198mm
Max. printing width32×100mm53.3×200mm74.6×200mm
Heat transfer film36×300M57×300M82×450M
Print modeHeat transfer printing mode
Density of print300dpi
Move towardsCorresponding on both side
Input wayDedicated touch input device or PC
InterfaceUSB-RS232C(optionLAN corresponding [CLS420.430]:CAN corresponding)
CalendarAutomatic calendar
Font styleWindows font
Working temperatureTemperature 5~40humidity 10%~85%( no condensation)
Radius operationSet divided into1-5 part

400 series batch-type specification

ModelCLS-410J batch-typeCLS-420J batch-type
The largest print wide32×40mm53.3×40mm
Heat transfer film36×300M57×300M
Print modeHeat transfer printing mode
Density of print300dpi
Move towardsCorresponding on both side
Input wayDedicated touch input device or PC
CalendarAutomatic calendar
Font styleWindows font
Working temperatureTemperature 5~40℃,humidity 10%~85%( no condensation)



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