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Rotation Type Ribbon Coding Machine CL-250+

Rotation Type Ribbon Coding Machine CL-250+

Rotation Type Ribbon Coding Machine

CL-250 + thermal coder is rotary automatic coding for the use of automatic packaging machines designed to print on the strip packaging, such as production date, batch number, standards and other information about the number of signs. The machine runs according to heat coding theory using thermal printing ribbon instead of ink to print. Power come from motors by packing machine (machine tools) magnetic switch trigger control, to achieve printing synchronization with packaging. The machine has special clutch, automatic rotate the speed of typing head and continuous motion of packaging film, synchronization speed to ensure that no printing bias. Rotary speed operation can be realized.

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Main Features

CL-250 +-type design of the following two main points: "S" type and "R" type for the user on the packaging machine packaging film according to the direction of movement to choose. "S" type is a standard type; "R" type is symmetric of "S" type, the following shows differences

Function Details


Model"S" type“R” type
Packaging film running directionLeft → RightRight → Left
Thermal printing running directionLeft → RightRight → Left
Direction of rotation of the print headCounterclockwiseClockwise
Thermal printing with side dischargeLeftRight
Thermal printing take up sideRightLeft
Belt assembly positionRightLeft



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