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CL-PACK measures on COVID-19 under magnifying glass

Time : 2020-10-23 Hits : 152

A grain of ash of the times, falling on the head of an individual, is a mountain

Novel Coronavirus makes this year 2020 so special.We thank all the heroes on the front lines.In such darkest hours, give us guidance, give us warmth.

For the ordinary of us, we can't help the patients, we can only silently shoulder their own burden, carry everything they face, not to add to the country.

Even the dead of night CL-PACK will also want to, for the society, for the packaging machinery industry, to do their own modest force......


(Ciic member enterprises)

The epidemic has not been solved, seeing that enterprises are about to start work, the shortage of masks is even more helpless.

As peers in the packaging machinery of emergencies, February 20, 2020, China food and packaging machinery industry association of intelligent packaging committee (hereinafter referred to as the ciic committee) difficult getting scarce goods through various channels, masks, by the Shanghai chong spirit Shang Yongjing general manager (vice President), Shanghai sail Ming xu general manager (President), general manager of Xu Zhikun and torch sharp industrial hai-feng cao, general manager (vice President) will face mask disinfection repackaging into more, ready to sent to local association member units.


CEO CL-PACK Tang (right) and chairman Xu Bing (left) cooperate to count masks


The sterilized and packaged masks will be sent to different places one after another.

Travel a thousand miles to bestow a goose feather---a small gift may be a token of profound friendship

On February 21, CSIC Chairman Xu and Chuang Ling Tang will personally deliver the disinfectant and masks to several member units in Shanghai at their own expense.

Due to the new pneumonia outbreak, the traffic control in Shanghai was strict, and several chairmen traveled more than 200 kilometers to each member unit in Shanghai to deliver goods for resumption of work.

In addition to the Shanghai member enterprises to personally deliver the way to reduce the burden of the public system.The first batch of masks from other places will be delivered by Courier.Due to logistics, most of the masks are still on their way, and the CSIC will continue to act.At this special moment, do your best, for packaging machinery colleagues refueling!


Cease to struggle and you cease to live

Sudden virus, always remind us, life is so fragile.In this invisible war of epidemic prevention, there are so many groups and heroes with their selfless actions, the Chinese nation's indomitable great spirit spread in every corner of our lives, light, fever.

The old saying has the cloud, the human heart is in harmony, the Taishan moves.On the one hand, Chuangling wants to make a small contribution to the society. On the other hand, it also wants to tell people around it and Chinese enterprises to go forward with heavy burdens in such a difficult time, that life will never end and struggle no end.Let's shoulder the pressure together and face the hard times together!