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CL-PACK is committed to the manufacture and innovation of back-end automation, case erecting, packing, sealing, palletizing and other products.

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Happy new year 2021 CLPACK

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Happy new year 2021 CLPACK,May New year bring prosperity, love, happiness and delight in your life.❤❤❤
 Born in 2002 in Minhang, Shanghai, Chuangling Machinery ushered in his 20th birthday.
In the new 2021, we have so much to look forward to.  And as we pick up the broken pieces, and piece them together in 2021, we should not forget to lend our hands to those that have been less fortunate this year – those that have lost their families, jobs, livelihood and more.
 We are trying our best to fulfill production to help communities fight against COVID-19 and recover. And we will do our best further……
Let us cheer for 2021. And pay it forward. Let compassion guide our return to normal, we can all get back in it together.