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Packaging production line design

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Packaging production line is the floorboard of a system, usually manufacturers have a own packaging production line, packaging production line is usually composed of several different packing machine and conveyor belt, or in the production of products have complete the processing of products be shipped to packing production line for processing, after the completion was sent out to become a complete transportation products.

Packaging production line is the floorboard of a system, usually manufacturers have a own packaging production line, packaging production line is usually composed of several different packing machine and conveyor belt, or in the production of products have complete the processing of products be shipped to packing production line for processing, after the completion was sent out to become a complete transportation products.

The packaging process of the packaging production line includes filling, wrapping, sealing and other major processes.So the packaging machine is also divided into: filling machine, sealing machine, wrapping machine, multi-functional packaging machine;Packaging production line is also divided into: molding - filling - sealing packaging production line, packing, packing production line, liquid filling machine and its assembly line.

With the rapid development of the packaging industry, product packaging is no longer a single machine to complete a process, production efficiency is very low operation process, instead of: packaging line and packaging automatic line.

The so-called packaging line are independent of each other automatic or semi-automatic packaging equipment, auxiliary equipment etc. According to the order of packaging process of combination, make the packaged items from the assembly line at one end, through different packaging equipment, packaging materials in the corresponding packing station to join, packing products from the assembly line at the end of the output.In the packaging line, workers only participate in some auxiliary packaging operations, such as sorting, transportation, packaging container supply, etc.

From the point of view of technology, the automatic packaging production line not only has the general characteristics of assembly line, but also has a more strict production rhythm and coordination.In China's packaging industry has been widely used in different degrees of packaging lines and automatic packaging production lines.

The establishment of automatic packaging production line not only improves the product packaging quality, packaging speed, reduces the labor intensity of workers, reduces the floor space, but also lays a foundation for the continuous and high-speed packaging process.

Packaging automatic production line is the most basic process equipment - automatic packaging machine and the automatic packaging machine connected to the auxiliary equipment (conveyor, etc.), and rely on the push control system to complete the determined work cycle.Among them, the auxiliary device and the automatic control system are the important marks to distinguish the assembly line from the automatic production line.This chapter mainly introduces the automatic packaging production line.

According to the arrangement of packaging machines, the automatic packaging production line is divided into three types: series, parallel and mixed.Generally with series and mixed production line more;According to the characteristics of the packaging machine can be divided into three types of rigid, flexible and semi-flexible production line.

1. Rigid production line.All the packaging processes of the products to be packaged on the production line are directly transferred from the previous packaging machine to the next packaging machine. All the machines work according to the same beat. If one of the packaging machines fails, the other machines should be shut down.

2. Flexible production line.After the previous packaging process is completed on the production line, the products to be packaged are stored by the intermediate storage device and sent to the next packaging process by the conveying device as required.Even if one of the packaging machines in the production line fails, it will not affect the normal operation of other packaging machines.

3. Semi-flexible production line.The production line is composed of several sections, each section of the packaging machine with a rigid connection, each section for flexible connection.Rigid and semi-flexible production lines are commonly used.

The packaging process route is the basis for the overall design of the packaging automatic production line.When designing the packaging process route, the packaging quality, high efficiency, low cost, simple structure, easy to realize automatic control, convenient maintenance and operation should be ensured.According to the process characteristics of the automatic packaging production line, the following design principles are proposed:

The use of drum packaging materials in the packaging machine is conducive to improve the speed of the packaging machine;For collar shaper, it is advisable to choose composite packaging materials with higher strength.The plastic film used in bag-making, filling and sealing machine should be pre-printed with positioning color standard to ensure the correct sealing and cutting position of the packaging;For continuous and stable operation of the filling machine, the shape and size of the bottle mouth should meet the requirements of precision.

Characteristics of process concentration: as a result of process concentration, the intermediate transport, storage, steering and other links are reduced, so that the mechanism can be simplified;The floor space of production line can be reduced.However, the process is too concentrated, will add more restrictions to the packaging process, reduce the universality, increase the complexity of the mechanism, not easy to adjust.Therefore, the use of centralized process, should ensure that the adjustment, maintenance is convenient, reliable work, there is a certain degree of versatility.

Balancing the pace of the process is one of the important problems in making the process plan of automatic packaging production line.The good synchronization of each packaging machine is very important to ensure the continuous and coordinated production of the automatic packaging production line.When balancing the beat, oppose to suppress the advanced, accommodate the backward balance method.Specific measures shall be taken as follows:

(1) subdivide the packaging process into simple processes, and combine them into a certain number of reasonable processes according to the principle of concentration and dispersion of processes and the balance of beats.

(2) if the process beat is not consistent due to the limitation of conditions, it should be made as many times as possible to achieve the purpose of synchronization by parallel connection of several packaging machines.

(3) adopt new technology, improve the process, fundamentally eliminate the process that affects productivity and other weak links.

Equipment layout

1. After the packaging process route and equipment are determined, the equipment shall be arranged according to the principles of simplicity, practicality and economy.Strive for the best solution.In addition, consideration should be given to the flexible arrangement of the layout according to the changes of the plant and to leave room for future technical renovation.

2. Plane layout should strive for short production line, compact layout, small floor area, neat and beautiful appearance, as well as convenient adjustment, operation and maintenance.

Efficiency factor

1.For the actual productivity of rigid sequential combination packaging automatic production line, the productivity increases with the increase of the number of packaging machines, but it is not a simple proportional relationship.When the number of machines increased to a certain number, and then increase the number of packaging machines, productivity decreased.This is mainly because time loss outside the cycle has become the main factor affecting productivity.

2.For flexible packaging automatic production lines, productivity increases rapidly initially with the increase in the number of packaging machines, and then slowly until it becomes stable.Under the condition of the same time loss outside the cycle, the productivity of flexible packaging automatic production line is higher than that of rigid life line.

Methods to improve productivity

1. Adopt advanced equipment to improve the reliability of the equipment and reduce the time of adjustment and maintenance.

2. Adopt continuous packaging machine to reduce or eliminate auxiliary operation time as much as possible.

3. The packaging process with a long process time is completed in parallel with a number of packaging machines or in combination with a number of stations.

4.Regular overhaul and maintenance of the equipment can reduce the number of accidents.

5.Set up the necessary automatic detection system.Automatic diagnosis, automatic elimination, automatic alarm and automatic protection are realized to reduce the outage loss caused by accidents.

6.Improve the operation and management level of production and organizers, and try to eliminate the influence of human factors.