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Double Side Labeling Machine TBJ-3500

Double Side Labeling Machine TBJ-3500

Double Side Labeling Machine

TBJ-3500 double side labeling machine applicable to medicine, food, daily chemical and other light industries in the round, square, flat bottles and other similar products, single, double side circumferential labeling. The utility model has the advantages of one machine and multiple uses, and is suitable for use in square bottles, flat bottles and round bottles. The utility model can be used by a single machine and can also be used for packaging line.

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Main Features

The machine structure is compact, easy to operate and maintain. Adopts advanced and friendly man-machine interface system with PLC control system. The operation is simple, intuitive and functional. Has rich online help function; Adopt famous brand motor drive, sending speed, stable and reliable; Two side chain correction device to ensure material position; Special elastic top pressure equipment to ensure the stability of materials; Automatic photoelectric inspection, no object-no labeling, no label automatic correction or alarm, automatic detection function, to prevent leave out or waste label.

1. Cording machine: can print the date of production and batch number, reduce the bottle packaging process, improve production efficiency.

2. All electrical configuration can change the brand as customer require.

Function Details
  • TBJ-2610细节1 触摸屏

    Name: Touch screen
    Brand: SIEMENS
    Original: Germany

    International famous brand, stable performance, easy to operate.

  • TBJ-2610细节2 打码机

    Name: Printer
    Brand: CL-PACK  
    Original: Shanghai

    The expert of back-end packing solution. Use high-quality raw materials, durable and anti-corrosion cracking.

  • TBJ-2610细节3 smps

    Name: SMPS
    Brand: DELTA  
    Original: Taiwan

    Delta group, founded in 1971, is the leading manufacturer of power management and thermal management solutions. Its power supply quality is famous all over the world, and it is a leader in power supply industry.

  • TBJ-2610细节4传感器

    Name: Sensor
    Brand: KEYENCE
    Original: Japan

    As the main supplier of sensors and measuring instruments, KEYENCE sensors are excellent in stability and accuracy. It`s for automatic production line for installation of high output and high efficiency.


VoltageAC220V 50Hz/60Hz
Power2000 W
Air source5 Kg/m2
Labeling speed30-80 Pcs/min
Labeling precision±1.0 mm
Label size(L) 20-300 mm   (H) 10-180 mm
Labeling object size(W) 20-200 mm   (H) 40-300 mm
Label roll inner diameterφ76 mm
Label roll outer diameterMax. Φ350 mm
Machine size2400*1500*1600 mm
Packaged size2550*1650*1650 mm
Net weight200 KG
Gross weight250 KG

Electrical configuration list

ItemNameQtyBrand/ Origin
1PLC controller1SIEMENS / Germany
2PLC expander1SIEMENS / Germany
3Touch screen1SIEMENS / Germany
4Man-machine communication cable1
5Transducer2DELTA/ Taiwan
6Frequency conversion communication cable2
7DC24Vpower supply1DELTA/ Taiwan
8Transparent mark sensor2LEUZE / Germany
9Detector sensor2KEYENCE / Japan
10Fiber2KEYENCE / Japan
11Transformation1CHANGCHEN / China
12Power interface extension module1DONGKONG / China
13Label deliver stepping motor2YAKOTEC / China
14Label deliver stepping motor driver2YAKOTEC / China
15Rotary encoder1DELTA/ Taiwan
16Power switch1SCHNEIDER / France
17Emergency stop switch1SCHNEIDER / France
18Air switch1PEOLPE / China
19Conveying servo motor1DELTA/ Taiwan
20Servo driver1DELTA/ Taiwan
21Transmission motor reducer1KOLT / China
22Bottle press motor1KOLT / China
23Bottle sorting motor2KOLT / China
24Relay1OMRON / Japan
25Fuse5HG / China
26Alertor1APT / China
27Ribbon cording machine1CL-PACK / China

*If anyone of component in the market is sold out, the same quality electrical appliance brand will be replaced without further notice.



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