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Round Bottle & Cap Labeling Machine TBJ-200

Round Bottle & Cap Labeling Machine TBJ-200

Round Bottle & Cap Labeling Machine

The machine apply to the circumference of the round object and its cap labeling. Three point positioning round bottle labeling, avoid the error of bottle bottom uneven and not vertical caused labeling askew.Let labeling more accurate and beautiful.Can be connected to assembly line, also have optional material-collecting turntable and facilitate the collection of finished products and packaging
Can optional printer for print production date and batch number packaging online, reduce the bottle packaging process, improve production efficiency.

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Main Features
Function Details
  • TBJ-200细节1 触摸屏

    Name: Touch screen
    Brand: SIEMENS
    Original: Germany

    International famous brand, stable performance, easy to operate.

  • TBJ-200细节2 打码

    Name: Printer
    Brand: CL-PACK  
    Original: Shanghai

    The expert of back-end packing solution. Use high-quality raw materials, durable and anti-corrosion cracking.

  • TBJ-200细节3 smps

    Name: SMPS
    Brand: DELTA  
    Original: Taiwan

    Delta group, founded in 1971, is the leading manufacturer of power management and thermal management solutions。 Its power supply quality is famous all over the world, and it is a leader in power supply industry.

  • TBJ-200细节4 传感器

    Name: Sensor
    Brand: KEYENCE
    Original: Japan

    As the main supplier of sensors and measuring instruments, KEYENCE sensors are excellent in stability and accuracy. It`s for automatic production line for installation of high output and high efficiency.


VoltageAC220V 50Hz/60Hz  1500W
Working Air Pressure0.4-0.6Mpa
Labeling speed10-40 Pieces/min (Related to the object and label size)
Labeling precision±1.0mm (excluding the object and label size)
Bottle label sizeL20-471mm   H10-180mm
Cap label sizeΦ20-φ180mm
Bottle sizeOuter diameter:φ40-φ150mm   Height:30-200mm
Label roll inner diameterφ76mm
Label roll outer diameterΦ350mm(Max.)
Machine size2400X1200X1635(mm)
Packaged size2500X1360X1800(mm)
Weightnet weight:240Kgs   gross weight:360Kgs



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