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FS Series Hand Impulse Sealer

FS Series Hand Impulse Sealer

Hand Impulse Sealer

FS series hand impulse sealer suitable for all kinds of plastic films, laminated films and aluminium-plastic film sealing; can be widely used in food, souvenirs, candy, tea, medicine, hardware and other industries. It`s most convenient and economical sealing equipment for shops, families and factories. Type-C and type-M can automatically cut of the bag when finish the sealing, Type-B can print words along with sealing.

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Main Features


1. FS series Heat Sealer Impulse are widely used in such industries as foodstuff, special local products, tea, medicine, hardware etc.

2. They are the most convenient and economical sealing equipments for shops, families and factories.


Compact Design/Strong Water Tight Seal/Fast Operating/Power Saving/Precision Electronic Circuit/Long Life


1. Plig cord into outlet.No switch necessary.Machine will operate only when arm is depressed.Regulate the timer according to thickness of material to be sealed.Use a higher-number for thicker mateiar pull handle down.Sealing takes place when light is on.Leave down for additional second after light goes off for a better seal.

2. Use a lower number in case seal burns through.

3. Raise to higher number when seal isn’t tight.

4. Should bag stick to silicon rubber,you did not gice enough colling time.

5. Once you set the time,no need to reset as the machine will remain constant and unchanged.

6. No need to remove plug from socket as machine will not operate unit until handle is lowered.No power is consumed.


1. Always keep sealing platform clean.Leaving residue will reduce life of element,teflon,and silicon rubber.

2. Never use moisture to clean sealing surface.

3. Replace torn teflon at once.A torn cloth will short circuit the element and damage it.Every time you replace the element,replace the lower and upper teflon cloth.

4. For best operation,use only genuine replacement parts.

5. A wron silicon rubber will influence the seal,change the silicon when worn or burned.

6. Unplug wire when serving the machine.

Function Details
  • FS细节1 线路板

    Name: Circuit board
    Brand: CL-PACK  
    Original: China

    Aluminum case, brand electrical components. Shanghai Chuangling Packaging Machine Manufacturing CO.,LTD focus on back-end packing solution over 20 years, we offer durable machine with heavy duty work.

  • FS细节2 插头

    Name: Plug
    Brand: China
    Original: China

    We offer plug and customized voltage as customer need.

  • FS细节3 变压器

    Name: Transformer
    Brand: CL-PACK
    Original: China

    The transformer made by pure fine copper. Its better than some other brand just take copper plating or aluminum.

  • FS细节4 封口带

    Name: Teflon belt
    Brand: CL-PACK
    Original: China

    The high temperature varnish is imported from Japan. Which is durable and make seal performance more good. We offer extra seal belt for customer use.


Power supply voltage:AC 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz
Heat time:0.2~1.3(sec)
Max. sealing thickness:0.2mm0.3mm
Pulse Power:180W330W430W/450W(B)600W
Sealing length:100mm200mm300mm400mm

Seal Thickness:0.01-0.4MM
Sealing width:2.8MM
Heat Time:0.2-3 seconds
Sealing length:500mm600mm700mm800mm900mm1000mm



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