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How to Maintain and Maintain the Vacuum Packaging Machine?

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Do you know how vacuum-packed food is vacuum-packed? This requires the use of a bagged nitrogen flush vacuum sealer.

Maintenance Procedure of Nitrogen Flush Vacuum Sealer

1. When the vacuum pump is running, its oil level should be 3/4 of the oil window height. If it is lower than 1/2 of the oil window height, the high-speed vacuum pump oil should be filled in time. The motor is detrimental. For specific methods, please refer to the instruction manual of the vacuum pump.
2. The nitrogen flush vacuum sealer should be placed horizontally, the environment should be well ventilated, and there should be no corrosive gas and dust around.
3. The machine must be installed with a grounding protection wire, and often check whether the connection points are in good contact to ensure personal safety.
4. The heating time and heating temperature must be set at a suitable position before the machine works. The principle from low to high should be mastered. Do not set the heat sealing time and temperature to a very long or very high level at once so as to avoid burning out the electric heating parts or Teflon sealed varnished cloth.
5. When the upper cover is pressed down, the vacuum pump starts to work. If the upper cover has not been sucked in place at this time, the upper cover should be pressed down by hand with a little force (except for the pneumatic type).
6. When the machine makes abnormal noise, and the pointer of the vacuum gauge does not move at the same time, it indicates that the running direction of the vacuum pump may be wrong, and the phase of the three-phase power supply may be inconsistent with the factory phase, so it should be shut down immediately. Otherwise, the vacuum pump will be easily damaged. At this time, it is only necessary to exchange any two phases of the three-phase power supply (a single-phase power supply does not have this phenomenon).
7. Always check whether there is foreign matter on the surface of the PTFE varnished cloth of the sealing part and whether it is flat to ensure the sealing quality. If damaged, it should be replaced in time.
8. Check whether the screws in various parts of the machine are loose and whether the vacuum chamber moves left and right flexibly. Active parts and oil holes should be filled with the appropriate amount of lubricating oil.
9. In case of an emergency, when the machine is working, press the emergency stop button, and the cover can be opened by itself.
10. After the machine is finished, the main power supply should be cut off.

nitrogen flush vacuum sealer

Control Requirements for Nitrogen Flush Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealing machines have been widely used in packaging industries such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical and agricultural products. However, the vacuum sealing machine has complex processing procedures, high labour intensity, low packaging speed and packaging quality. Therefore, this type of equipment is required to be developed in the direction of automation of control, the precision of quality and low cost. To this end, our company has developed a new type of multi-module vacuum sealing machine, which uses the compressor air to drive the cylinder, the vacuum pump for air extraction, and the heating wire to heat; the programmable controller (PLC) precisely controls the expansion, contraction and heating of each cylinder. Plate heating temperature and heating time.

Technical Parameters of Nitrogen Flush Vacuum Seale

The dimensions of the vacuum sealing machine are 1530mm X 600mm X 1450mm (L x W x H), the heating temperature of the electric hot plate is 0-300℃, the power supply voltage is 220VAC, the driving motor power is 60W, the maximum sealing size is 600-1100mm, and the processing speed is 0-16m/min;

Structure of Nitrogen Flush Vacuum Seale

The structure of the vacuum sealing machine includes an upper and lower cylinder, a horizontal cylinder, two support rods, two heating plates, an air extraction hole, a product support plate and a shell, etc. The vacuum sealing machine is to put the food into the packaging bag, extract the air in the packaging bag, and complete the sealing process after reaching the predetermined vacuum degree.
It has two functions: ①. to pump the bag; ②. to seal the bag.

Processing Technology of Nitrogen Flush Vacuum Seale

The vacuum sealing machine is suitable for the vacuum packaging of a variety of plastic bag compound bags. The processing process is as follows: after the production line puts the product into the plastic packaging bag, the production line or the robot puts the packaging bag on the platform of the sealing machine, the horizontal cylinder extends and inserts the plastic packaging bag mouth, the upper heating plate is in the upper and lower cylinders. Drive the bottom to move down, the upper and lower heating plates bite the plastic packaging bag, at this time, the upper and lower heating plates start to preheat, and the air suction holes on the front and rear cylinders also start to draw air. When the vacuum pumping is completed, the front and rear cylinders automatically retract, the upper and lower heating plates also reach the predetermined temperature, and the plastic packaging bag is dissolved and then solidified under the action of high temperature to complete the vacuum sealing.

Main Features of Nitrogen Flush Vacuum Seale

1. The machine is equipped with a vacuum generator for continuous vacuum sealing packaging.
2. adopt touch screen integrated machine control. Including production count, running time, pumping, aeration ( can simultaneously use ).
3. It is suitable for sealing and bag-making of plastic film and is widely used in food, medicine, chemical, daily use, seed and other industries.
4. This machine adopts an electronic constant temperature control mechanism and steps less speed regulation transmission mechanism, which can seal plastic film bags of various materials.
5. It can be used with various packaging lines, and its sealing length is not limited; it has a high sealing effect.