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10kg bags packing stacking machine

Time : 2020-10-09 Hits : 160

Today to share the packaging machine, small size, powerful strength.

A vacuum sucker with a contact area less than the size of A4 paper holds a 10-kilogram bag, rises vertically and rotates 90 degrees. No matter how the material is swayed by inertia, the manipulator remains motionless and has a bit of momentum to turn things around.

Our engineers, according to the inertia of the material movement, well designed the packaging components, and once again produced a super high cost performance packaging machine.

Before sharing the device, should introduce the person in charge of debugging the device.In the premise of only one set of samples (a bag of materials + a carton), in order to test the stability of the equipment, Engineer Xu carrying 10 kilograms of samples, repeated transmission around the machine debugging alone, do not know how many runs.Perhaps it is the enthusiastic for the equipment, perhaps it is responsible for the customer, this kind of professional spirit, really let a person feel awe-inspiring!

Of course, the completion of a piece of equipment will not be the work of just one person. Every piece of chuangling equipment is the work of our team.Each custom device, we will be based on the customer's actual situation, a variety of considerations."Create really easy to use packaging machinery" is chuangling 20 years, the same product design concept.

The following video will show you the packing equipment: