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Welcome to CL-PACK specialized in auto packing machine in Shanghai, China! The company is committed to the manufacture and innovation of back-end automation, case erecting, packing, sealing, palletizing, labeling and other products

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Project Description:

Capsules produced by a pharmaceutical company require automated packaging. The capsules need to be automatically counted and bottled. The capacity needs to be tested after bottling. Substandard products need to be rejected. Qualified products are capped and sealed. Automatic inspection and rejection of unqualified products. Qualified products will continue to be sealed with aluminum foil, labelled, printed production date, packaged instructions, boxed, and boxed,

Material:SUS 304

Application: automated packaging medicine


1. Food grade stainless steel equipment, safe and strong.

2. Brand electrical components, stable performance and high efficiency.

3. Automatic packaging, saving labor costs.


The whole production line can realize the automatic counting of capsules, and the system is equipped with an automatic detection device that can automatically eliminate unqualified products.

In the rear production, we can also provide automatic labeling, packing, labeling, and other automatic procedures.

Cl-PACK are looking forward to design and make the entire packaging production line for you.

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