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Introduction to the project:  

A company that manufactures dental equipment and instruments, introducing 3D printing technology into the field of oral medical device production and enabling the large-scale production of customized Invisible orthodontic retainer. Since each user's dental corrector is a custom product, product information needs to be tracked during the packaging process to ensure that customers receive a corrector tailored to them.  

Material: SUS304 stainless steel

Application: Dental braces packaging.


1. Packaging synchronization and record the information of each product.  

2. To achieve two irregular products of precise positioning bag, to ensure aesthetics.  

3. According to the requirements of the production of independent packaging or bag packaging.  


In the process of packaging machine design, the prefabricated film needs to be turned many times, the size of the tooth cover is small, and the requirement of packaging precision is very high.The customer requires laser coding to ensure accurate positioning during the high-speed production process.

CL-PACK also customizes sealing equipment according to the product characteristics of customers and coordinates with the whole conveying system to meet the requirements of high-speed production.

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