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The reason why Vario Flow stalling running at low speed

Time : 2021-01-21 Hits : 149

Case: When the user is debugging the chain board conveyor line, the feedback is that the conveyor belt is not running smoothly.


Through the video taken on site, technicians found the reason: the motor was running too slowly. Advised the customer to adjust the speed between 700-1400, quickly solved the problem. Principle: speed regulating motor as power source of Vario Flow, adjustable range at 90 RPM to 1400 RPM, but don't run in low speed, the general advice customers because of the speed reducer and now output torque may be (that is, the power shortage) is not synchronous wheel, is greater than the traction resistance and low speed also easily lead to motor easy fever at the same time. CL-PACK suggests that customers adjust from 700 to 1400 as a reasonable speed range area.