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Introduction to the project:  

A food manufacturer's bagged products need to be sealed.  

Requirements: Meet long-term high-load use. Film bags have a certain thickness, packaging seal requirements are high. At the same time, the product needs to be sealed production date. The packaging needs to be pumped before the seal, so that the package does not swell and break when it reaches the plateau area. At the same time hope to meet in the seal before can be pumped out of the packaging excess air before filling inert gas, to product insurance.  

Custom equipment: FRKS-1420WD/SC sealing machine  

Application: Different sealing requirements for bagged products.  


1. PLC touch screen control equipment, simple operation, easy to use.  

2. Can choice vacuum the pack or fill air to the pack, a variety of functions to choose from.  

3. Brand electrical components, SUS304 sheet metal, suitable for high-strength work environment.


In the food packaging industry, the use of inert gas to extend the shelf life is a common way of gas controlled packaging.Cl-pack continuous sealing machine, designed a vacuum pumping system and external air source device.While sealing, it can be vacuumed and inflated.The whole process can be implemented on a single device, significantly reducing equipment and labor costs.

The machine is equipped with a coding mechanism to meet the date/item number printing needs

The machine is equipped with a double heating system, which can also meet the sealing requirements for the bags with thicker film

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