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CL-PACK Service

Our service allows us to have a good reputation in the industry. Our commitment is not a slogan but an action.To this end, our system, standard service guarantee system, to ensure the interests of each of our customers.


Professional Technical Team

Depending on customer requirements, CL-PACK engineers can provide on-site guidance in infrastructure construction, equipment installation and commissioning, and commissioning of the entire production line. If the technical project meets the design criteria, the customer will accept the project.


Comprehensive Procedure Inquiry To Delivery

CL-PACK has established a complete customer service system, from the initial consultation, solution design, customized upgrade, machine preparation to the delivery of feedback, effective to ensure the rapid and timely delivery of information, to provide professional services and technical support. Treat every customer with the most sincere attitude.

Quality Warranty

CLPACK provides one year quality warranty for the products (from the date of spontaneous delivery, damage due to force majeure, damage caused by the user in accordance with the operating procedures, artificial damage, natural wear and tear, consumables are not in the scope of maintenance). Customers can repair, replace and return faulty products free of charge.

Why is CL-PACK Always Trustworthy

Qualification Certification
CL-PACK has been committed to innovation and improvement, with a number of systems and equipment patents in the packaging industry. In terms of product quality, we have strict requirements and abide by the principle of quality first. The equipment has CE certification. Focusing on customer needs is the goal of CL-PACK.
Responsible Manner
We take every customer seriously, cross-checking information and equipment requirements. Check and test equipment to ensure customer's actual use up to the last minute of shipment. We will shoot the exclusive sample test video for the customer and analyze the test results. Ensure high level of customer involvement and transparency.
Technical Support
Independent R&D department ensures CL-PACK's leading position in the industry. Every year we invest a lot of research and development resources, in the reform and innovation, we have been accelerating the pace. CL-PACK equipment can now be found on the assembly lines of many benchmarking companies.
Product Custom
We never advocate one machine multi-purpose, according to the needs of customers, customized exclusive production equipment is the embodiment of CL-APCK professional. Providing customized solutions to customer needs is where CL-PACK's strength lies.
Reliable Partner
Win-win cooperation has always been chuangling's philosophy of cooperation. Realize the value of CL-PACK on the premise of ensuring the interests of customers.
Quality Inspection
6S management standard system (SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE, SECURITY), high-quality technical team. Strict supply chain review standards ensure the quality of raw materials. Use internationally renowned brand electrical components to purchase from the original factory to ensure stable equipment performance. The equipment quality inspection runs throughout, and promptly investigates and solves possible problems.