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Production Line Type Automatic Film Wrapping Machine CLJ-2000ZD

Production Line Type Automatic Film Wrapping Machine CLJ-2000ZD

Production Line Type Automatic Film Winding Machine

Applicable objects: suitable for assembly work line, suitable for automatic packaging of modern enterprise requirements. To improve the packing efficiency, reduce labor intensity and effective utilization of human resources, play a very active role. At present, this product has been widely used in packing line of the chemical, electronics, food, beverage, paper and other industries.
Advantages: simple operation and high range of automation.

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Main Features
Function Details


Power /Voltageturntable 0.75kwfilm shelf 0.25kwstand column 0.37kw/220V AC/50HZ
Specification of object500-1200mm×(500-1200)mmL×W
Max. packaging heightL type1600mm         H type2400mm 
Efficiency30-50 piece/hour
Speed of turntable6-12rpm speed are variable frequency and adjustable; gradual start and off
Diameter of turntable2000mm
Height of turntable410mm
Max. load weight of turntable2000kg
Film shelf systemPre-stretching turntable, Pre-stretching can reach250, automatic transport film, speed are variable frequency and adjustable.
Pillars` liftDouble chain structure, Lifting speed is variable frequency and adjustable.
Control systemPLC controller, twisting layers and the frequency is variable, automatic reset Turntable, and automatically sensing height of goods.
Automatic filming and film cuttingPneumatic control, automatic filming, film cutting and smooth film.
pressure of pneumatic system0.4—0.8Mpa
Packaging materialLLDPE stretch film, thicknessT17-35um, widthW500mm.



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