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Table Luggage Wrapping Machine XLCR

Table Luggage Wrapping Machine XLCR

Table Luggage Wrapping Machine

Luggage wrapping machine is specially designed for airport packing. To protect the luggage from breakage or being changed when transporting. The equipment can be moved, and the operator puts the luggage on the turntable, adjusting the distance of the vertical bar according to the luggage’s size. So that the luggage can be placed on the turntable smoothly. Then the operator presses the start button on the operation panel, and the equipment automatically packing. Usually the luggage is packed 3-5 layers. After packing, the operator cuts off the film by hand, then takes away the luggage!

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Main Features

1. The stretching ratio of power pretensioning film frame can reach 250%, and save the film.

2. The operator manually adjust the vertical bar to ensure the product safe and smooth.

3. The film tension can be adjusted on the operation panel directly.

4. Winding number program can be adjusted on operation panel directly.

Function Details


Wrapping specification (L×W×H) (400~600)×(180~400)×(300~600)mm(400~600)×(180~450)×(300~1000)mm
Turntable speed 20r/min 20r/min
Load weight of turntable100kg100kg
System of film frameFrequency conversion pre-strecth film frameFrequency conversion pre-strecth film frame
Product weight200KG200KG
Total power/voltage0.5kw/AC220V0.5kw/AC220V



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